1. Crazy Cupid

From the recording Groove Nation

Writers: Beseja B. Moses & Scott A. Campbell / Produced By: Beseja B. Moses & Joseph Raines / Engineered By: Beseja B. Moses / Composition: Beseja B. Moses & Scott A. Campbell / Bass: Joseph Raines / Keys: Joseph Raines / Drums: Beseja B. Moses / Guitar: Joseph Raines / Label: Bona Fide Mindz Entertainment / Publishing: Cadillac Muzik Global Publishing


Voice in Head: You have to kill her in your mind

I wanna kill her, At times I love her but I hate her at the same time,

Oh she's a killer, yeah yeah
If you slackin on yo mackin she gone creep up behind,

I wanna kill her, yeah yeah
But I can't live without her I'd be wasting my time

I'm not a killer, oh no
I'm just cupid in a body with murder on my mind, my mind

Verse 1:
You don't really love me, you just wanna tell me what to do, I love you and I hate you aint even gotta clue, we went through so much drama now you just a babymama hangin on to our past like it's new,

And you, we aint even got a lot of trust, the only conversations that we have are bout lust, you only hit me up when you trynna throw dat butt, late night calls just so you can bust a nutt,

This one say she love me but she all about the cash, she only call me when she trynna pop tags, taking pictures of us just so she can brag, she claim she only want a brotha with a bag,

I don't wanna be alone, just trynna get my loving on, just trynna get my loving on, right before my time is gone...

Chorus 2

Verse 2:
I made up my mind no looking back, no looking back pack a lunch and haul a**, paparazzi taking pictures kodak, paparazzi taking pictures kodak, picture me rollin my n***a like non stop, chunkin da duece El-Dawg drop top like uh like what like uh like what like here we go...

Bridge 1
Take me away from all of the times that I've been here, Take me away from all of the places that I've before...

Chorus 3

Bridge 2
There was girl so smooth and so sassy she fainted, with no other thing on her mind but money the figures she chased it, oh no, no no now slow down baby that's not the road you should be racing, oh no, cause he's gotta plan for you my love my dear my child my darling you better take it, so GO time won't slow down...