1. Bustin Loose

From the recording Groove Nation

Writers: Beseja B. Moses / Produced & Engineered By: Beseja B. Moses / Composition: Beseja B. Moses / Bass: Beseja B. Moses / Keys: Beseja B. Moses / Drums: Beseja B. Moses / Label: Bona Fide Mindz Entertainment / Publisher: Cadillac Muzik Global Publishing


I'm bustin loose, bustin out the right side of your mind, gyrating down your backbone and your spine,

I'm your soul baby, and I can't be still in your body

Bouncing through your flesh I'm your soul, it's enough to make you lose control, ooh ooh

You've gotta free your thoughts and be whole, your spirit feels the urge to blow, ooh ooh

Slip-n-Slidin in a Lac (Cadillac), trunk on crack, gotta free my soul turn the bass up to the max (4X)