From the album Groove Nation

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Written By: Beseja B. Moses & Scott A. Campbell
Produced By: Beseja B. Moses & Joseph Raines
Label: Bona Fide Mindz Entertainment
Publisher: Cadillac Muzik Global Publishing


BRIDGE 1: I know you came to party, and we gone have a good time, feel this in yo body, only good vibes all through your mind

VERSE 1: Just the other day I heard a tripple OG got popped popped, man man hold up hold up, RIP, what you gone do? Hit em with the BOP-GUN, Just the other day I heard a tripple OG got popped popped, everybody they cup, everybody got a cup but they aint chip in...

BRIDGE 2: Hey mr. DJ turn the song, turn up song, turn up the song, Hey mr. DJ turn up the song on and on and on and on...

CHORUS: I don't care about your kind, I could care less what you do, just wanna see if you can groove, are you a groove machine a groove machine a groove machine, can you move?


SECOND VERSE: The frequency pumps your body up to get down, tapping your pineal gland to make you move around, funky melatonin (Melanin) flowing all through your pours, ear-orgasms till your soul aint yours... Throw your hands up in the sky there's a party going on put your soul on cruise control aint nobody going home...

BRIDGE 2 (Again)

CHORUS (Again)

BRIDGE 3: Two lac boyz here to shake the globe, El-Dawg macks here to wake your soul