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  1. Rat Race

From the recording Lac Gospel

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You can't run, you can't hide, boy this world will eat you alive, this world will eat you alive...

You gotta let yo soul SHINE

Found out I'm one of a kind and I'm just racing with time, I gotta get out the ghetto of this mind (2X)

Verse 1:
Somebody tell me why my mind stuffed with fiction purple haze dollar signs and video vixens, don't get lost in this world better tie your shoes, if you get stopped by a cop you may make the news, wake up in the morning and you scared to die but if you tap into your thoughts you could probably fly, ever said your prayers and just wondered why nothing don't float down from the sky...

Can't wait for the world to come to you, The world becomes yours when you do, The world becomes yours when you do YOU...

Chorus 2

Bridge 2

Verse 2:
Time and time again and time again I try to tell em listen to the lyrics and the funky funky rhythm, there's battle way on the other side, I'll be the one to bring a bible to a gun fight, what the funk we fighting for, we never know, prepare for combat lace em up let's go, I treat my mind like an M-16 Sosa style cocked N locked I pop the drop and pop ya top, then pop de pop de pop goes the weezel it travels through ya flesh then to your mind, and if it's on ya mind then I know it's on ya heart, and if it's on ya heart boy say it with your chest, he's a smart brother (Information) smart brother giving info to the people put a price on his head now he dead, put a price on his head now, CaddyMack DaddyDVill Martin Luther Malcolm X reincarnated, Huey P Bobby Seal on the rise...