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  1. That Feeling

From the recording Lac Gospel

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Love is all I feel when I'm with you, we mis-use each other's hearts until we're through, life shows our souls something new, ooohhhh

Verse 1:
The ups and downs the rounds and rounds is what defines our love, I'll put my heart inside your soul if you'll do the same then it's true...

We are you are so funky

Chorus 2

Verse 2:
I'm fly the way them gators touch that concrete, boy I'm so fly I walk the rhythm of a funk beat, Bootsy Collins on my mind when I'm coming dine, surround sound in the lac with the top dine, mr. DaddyDVill aka The Coochie Crook mr. Do It Doctor Feel Good shawty, first you get the man then you pop a belly then you say the brotha aint no good...

Bridge 2

Chorus 3



While you're still waiting on the sun to shine, while you're still hoping the storm will pass, I'll drift away with your heart in time, and lead the path for our souls to last

Verse 1:
Lil mama I'm ready just hit me on my phone, it means the world to me to get you all alone, and I aint even talkin bout invading yo home, a stroll in the park will get us in the zone zone...

I'm not trying to slide in between your thighs, I'd like to see what thoughts lie behind those eyes... Cant you see that I just wanna love ya baby...

Chorus 2