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  1. Friday

From the recording Lac Gospel

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INTRO: We rock we rock we rock we roll, we rock we rock we roll, throw yo hands in the sky high yeah

CHORUS: It's Friday (4X) I know you tired it's been a long week and you just got paid, it's time to play

BRIDGE: Welcome to the land of the lacs and playaz, double cups purple stuff pimps rockin gators, country cowboys trying to stack a bunch of paper, rockin bald fades playamade on you haters

VERSE 1: The other day I found myself reminiscing about the past, I used to skip school to be cool, or how many chickens I pluck just to fit in tippin the 40 ounces with my uncles on the weekends, blowing on that back porch boy thats that indow, boy thats that indow, boy it smell like outdoor, boy if you don't get yo a** out here and take out this trash, work hard grind hard play harder, fridge full of liquor no water, bankroll fresh top down rollin 35 got me feelin like Goldie...



VERSE 2 : Issa hometown hero ask yo babydaddy, I used to bend dem corners in that 76 caddy, the mack is back to funk and shake the globe I've time traveled from the past I'm illuminating souls, I remember back in the day when I used to be broke up in the hood, I used to hustle up some money to by some rubbers just to hop in something good, but them days is gone I'm in a money making zone, pimps and playaz stackin up they paper in the tone,

BRIDGE: It's Friday time to kick back and relax and phone home (2X)



OUTRO: It's another day tippin through the hood trynna live good on Friday (3X)