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  1. No Tomorrow

From the recording Lac Gospel

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CHORUS: Wake up in the morning I feel myself, look inside the mirror gotta heal myself, don't ever let em make you wanna kill yourself, don't ever let em make you wanna kill yourself

Can't let your troubles take you under, gotta rise like flowers in the summer, can't worry bout what tomorrow brings

VERSE 1: How does it feel now that you're alone with me, Daddydvil, playaz from the south stacks G's, now I know and you know, that you aint never ever rolled vogues, and I know and you know that real real playaz get chose, in summer time and in the winter time I wanna get next to you, its our prerogative to do what we wanna do

Its a quarter after 7 gotta date at 8, I can only imagine I can't be late, had to get suited and booted just to funk with her, grown man on invited to her dinner, I stay on point like stacey adams, gator shoes with the hat the belt to match em, should I ride the lac or should I ride the phantom, if I pull up in the phantom she may throw a tantrum, she won't even look at me cause the whip so handsome, lock me up in hands cuffs and hold me for ransom (3 times)

Jumped in a lac on 84's on MLK road mothership flows, lac on 84's mothership flows rubbers and rillos... I'm a dog aint I got you walkin up a wall aint I got you walkin up a wall aint I'm a dog aint, I'm a dog atomic dog...

CHORUS (2nd)

SECOND VERSE: I came ta rock the microphone and get down, kickin a flow ta make you feel me sound, deep in the Heights of the Tone is my hood, expanding my mind as I swang my fleetwood, Ya betta ask ya papi CaddyMack get down, on a beat machine I'm the coldest around, while you were out there cappin and trappin boy I was rappin, sweating in a closet trynna make my dream happen

Still chasin my dreams aint worried bout what tomorrow brings, I can't get lost in time I'll never become a king, feel that bass inside yo bones and move as if there's no tomorrow, you know you can't deny the groove that removes all yo sorrow (2 times)

SPEECH: You've gotta get into the groove my brotha, tomorrow is not promised to any of us, shine your light today, love yourself, find yourself, be yourself, free yourself