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  1. Lac Gospel

From the recording Lac Gospel

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CHORUS: Feel the vibe frequencies that come from inside, switch your gear of life into drive, Your faith depends on you

VERSE: Guess who's back guess who's back guess who's back with another dream, Dr. King maybe not ever seen doctor king in a drop top, wife 2 kids and a babymama girlfriend on the side and we're dodging comets, cadillac spaceship and we're dodging...

BRIDGE - VERSE: Pedal to the metal for them better days, cruise through life like an escalade (4X)

BRIDGE: How bout a little bit of church just to pump up your work, we gone take you to church time to shake off that dirt (2X)

Faith is what you make it baby watch me shake the universe, wake up out that mental curse and toss them thoughts inside a hearse




VERSE 2: Life aint cupcakes and cookies cause your savings never last, your babymama's hungry so the government takes your cash, nothing will ever change if you keep dwelling on the past, your life's a learning lesson take your notes and pass the class,

Watch all your dreams coming true when you depend on you (2X)


OUTRO: White wall vogue tires like its 1975 the King had a dream and we fiend to keep the dream alive (2X)