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  1. Vibration

From the recording Vibration

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Written By: Beseja Moses & Scott Campbell
Produced By: James Howard II
Mixed By: Beseja Moses
Mastered By: Jerrell Brown


Chorus: There's a funky melody that flows right through our bones bones bones bones

So high off life don't know what galaxy we're on on on on

Vibration, put your problems in a bottle shake it up and read about it tomorrow tomorrow, put your problems in a bottle bottle shake it up up (Repeat)

Verse One: There's a billion ways to touch the sky, a billion ways that we can die, and there's a reason for wondering why everything may be a lie, don't ever forget that you're the one and you get your powers from the sun... Just know that winter gets no hotter and the summer gets no colder, don't get so lost inside yo groove you forget that conscious on yo shoulder...

Bridge: We bring rhythm, funk, melody, blues (4X) Let the beat gyrate on down you spine yeah

Chorus (Again)

Verse Two: You don't know what I know, you can't see what I see, I'm climbing up the highest damn mountain... ruff, I'm climbing up the highest damn mountain, and nobody else seems to care, nobody else nobody else seems to care...

Bridge: Just let the rhythm play and we gone dance all day, Let the rhythm play play play play all night...

Feel the blues, feel the funk, feel it, feel the bass...

Until the moon light light...

Chorus (Last)